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VFS Global is the world’s largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide. The company manages administrative and non-judgmental tasks related to visa, passport, identity management and other citizen services for its client governments enabling them to focus entirely on the critical task of assessment.With 2430 Application Centers and operations in 129 countries across five continents, VFS Global serves the interests of 57 client governments. The company has successfully processed over 158 million applications since its inception in 2001.


The customer wanted to outsource their inbound contact center, to cater to their applicants’ queries and issues, whilst maintaining the international standard of VFS Global.


VFS Global’s existing Contact Centre in Sylhet was putting a stress on their limited resources and not a viable solution for them. They were looking for a reliable partner to provide world-class support without compromise. Costing and location were also paramount in their consideration as well. Their applicants provided queries in a diverse range of services from several countries and required immediate resolutions. So, staffing the help desk was their biggest challenge. Support Staff answering the inbound calls, emails and chats had to be:

  • Proficient in visa procedures of multiple countries.
  • Experienced enough to relate and assist applicant queries over the phone and to answer complex queries capably via all channels.


SuperTel rose to the challenge as always and used the vast experience we have garnered on previous experience from projects to ramp up fast. Our solution was three-pronged:

  • Targeted Staffing:We staffed the helpdesk with an able and experienced team who had worked on similar projects on with MNCs and had broad knowledge of the global sectors
  • Training:These staffs were further trained on the specific solutions and services offered by VFS so that they could respond to calls, emails and chats confidently and solve problems in a speedy manner.
  • Economy:We used the economies built in the outsourcing model, to locate the help desk services in Dhaka and passed on the savings to VFS so as to meet their budget.


The Call Center at SuperTel has been functioning for the past two years. SuperTel has been consistently meeting the strict set of SLAs set by VFS Global. There has been NO issue logged with respect to SuperTel ‘s services on this inbound project.

They were looking for a reliable partner to provide world-class support without compromise.

VFS Global is very happy with the support services from SuperTel and the tangible benefit metrics, though available, cannot be shared due to customer confidentiality issues. However, we are happy to report that VFS Global has noted the following:

  • All queries are being handled with precision.
  • Their complex products and services are being simplified for those who call.
  • SuperTel has proven itself in providing the right infrastructural support to handle all calls, emails and chats.

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